Design systems

Design system company desc. stars
Material Design google Material Design is a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science.
lightning design system salesforce Create the world’s best enterprise app experiences.
iOS HIG Apple Apple iOS Human Interface Guidelines
Microsoft fluent Microsoft Learn how to design and develop apps using the Fluent Design System. -
carbon design system IBM The Carbon Design System is IBM’s open-source design system for products and experiences. With the IBM Design Language as its foundation, the system consists of working code, design tools and resources, human interface guidelines, and a vibrant community of contributors. -
IBM design language IBM This is the guiding ethos behind IBM’s design philosophy and principles. This helps us distinguish every element and every experience Designed by IBM. -
Atlassian design Atlassian 出品jira、Confluence、trello等众多知名互联网工具的公司 -
Ant design 蚂蚁金服 服务于企业级产品的设计体系,基于确定和自然的设计价值观上的模块化解决方案,让设计者和开发者专注于更好的用户体验。
BBC UX&D BBC Welcome to BBC UX&D. We do the layer between people and technology. Every day, we focus on the stuff that makes things special, as well as the stuff that makes things happen. -
Primer github Resources, tooling, and design guidelines for building interfaces with GitHub’s design system. -
Yelp yelp The styleguide is a resource for designers, product managers, and developers, providing a common language around Yelp’s UI patterns. We use it to maintain modular front-end code and visual consistency across the web app. -
Clarity VMWare UX guidelines, HTML/CSS framework, and Angular components working together to craft exceptional experiences -
Element 饿了么 Element,一套为开发者、设计师和产品经理准备的基于 Vue 2.0 的桌面端组件库 -
Duolingo Duolinguo 知名语言学习工具 -
U.S. Web Design System USA gov Design and build fast, accessible, mobile-friendly government websites backed by user research. -
samsung One UI samsung One Thought, One UI -